Advanced FEA for Advanced Products

Engineered Product Development Consultancy specialising in Simulation, Optimisation and Virtual Test, through Finite Element Analysis

Design Optimisation Experts

Experienced Providers of Minimum Mass, Lightweight Solutions for Complex Geometries and Loading Environments

Multi-Scale Model and Analysis Types

Model Development for a Wide Range of User Cases from Loads Models to Stress Converged Definitions

Extensive Aerospace Background

FEA Quality and Verification to Stringent Aerospace Industry Standards


Advanced Simulation

Evotech have considerable experience in many types of FEA solution including linear/non-linear static, fatigue, dynamic, transient and impact analysis.

Model Development

The bulk of Evotech's client work is based on advanced FEA. We can assist with client strategy regarding the type and fidelity of model that will give the optimum balance between efficient solution, and appropriate detail.

Structural Optimisation

Evotech are experts in the application of a wide variety of structural optimisation techniques, such as evolutionary, topology and sizing algorithms using commercial and proprietary codes.

Composite Analysis

Many of the lightweight structures Evotech have addressed involve significant use of composite materials. These are usually based on monolithic and honeycomb carbon structures, with the FE analysis model built to reflect detailed manufacturing guidelines.

Process Automation

Evotech have experience of developing bespoke automation solutions for all aspects of FEA model generation, verification and analysis. Much of this work has achieved substantial quality benefits and cost savings, compared with legacy processes.


Evotech have delivered many onsite courses on all aspects of CAE from FEA fundamentals, effective modelling and practical software usage. Feedback regarding presentation and content has been well received and entirely positive.



About Evotech CAE

Evotech Computer-Aided Engineering Ltd is an Engineering Consultancy and MSC Apex Elite Partner based in the UK, specialising in Product Development, Technical Sales and Training in advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA). With a background predominately in the Aerospace industry, Evotech CAE are expert in multi-scale model development, analysis and structural optimisation.

Evotech CAE's Lead Engineer, Dr Steffan Evans, has over 20 years experience of advanced FEA and holds a Doctor of Engineering degree in Structural Optimisation, Chartered Engineer Status, and NAFEMS PSE Certification at advanced level (including Non-Linear Analysis, Composites, Optimisation and FE Model Verification).

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