Introduction to FEA with MSC Apex (Academic Version)

Learn practical FEA with the most powerful, yet easy to use software on the market today!

Introduction to FEA with MSC Apex (Academic Version)

Are you a full or part-time student looking to develop your understanding in simulation and FEA, learning tools and techniques that will enhance your resume?

Do you want a great foundation to the theory and application of contemporary FEA, and how it can be applied to your studies?

Would you like to learn awesome FEA tools that help you build and solve interesting models, the kind you’d find in an industrial setting?

We’ll show you how to address complex problems, with tutorial examples that are configured for the MSC Apex Student Edition.

Course Summary Video (1 Minute)

Course Detail Video (5 Minutes)

Our online course develops your understanding of FEA, MSC Apex and the many concepts it supports, allowing you to become productive very quickly.

You’ll become familiar with KEY WORKFLOWS, IMPROVED MODELING STRATEGY and the ANALYSIS BENEFITS achievable with FEA and MSC Apex.

All the taught and tutorial content is built around a REAL-WORLD CAD REPRESENTATION OF A UAV/DRONE AIR VEHICLE, which will advance your understanding from simple modeling tasks, through to looking at complex assemblies, model verification and using Apex as part of an external FEA workflow.

MSC Apex Student Edition – Available for Free

You can run all of the tutorial examples shown during this course in your own installation of MSC Apex Student Edition

MSC Apex Student Edition is available for free from Hexagon for all registered academic students.

Academic Version Access – Eligibility for Students

Academic version access is only offered for sale and/or use to registered students in full- or part-time study at school, college or university establishments. While we want as many students to benefit from our learning, we reserve the right to ask the user for confirmation of student status, and to cancel (without refund) access for anyone who does not meet these requirements.

If you are an engineer working in industry, please take a look at the Professional Version of this course.


“I just completed the Evotech ‘Intro to FEA…’ online course and I’ve been impressed by its quality. It is very well structured and presented. Easy to understand and it allows a student control of MSC Apex in a few hours. You did a great job, Steffan – your contribution to the FEA community is priceless. “

Dominique Madier, Founder and Senior FEA Analyst, FEA Academy

“Evotech’s Apex training courses deliver a great learning experience. The presentation is excellent, guiding the user through a series of well thought out, realistic workshops with subassemblies building to a complete model. Highly-recommended for both new and existing users.”

Darrel Sinclair, Senior Technical Consultant, Hexagon

“Just completed the Evotech “Introduction to FEA with MSC Apex” course. I think this is an excellent introduction to model build. I can see Apex being a great leap forward in rapid testing of ideas, and further development of structural solutions. Excellent tuition from Dr Steffan Evans at Evotech.”

Colin Binks, Principal Stress Engineer, Marshall Aerospace

What You’ll Learn

The course is taught through eight discrete lessons, made up of shorter, easily-digestible topics. These include;


covering a brief introduction to FEA, MSC Apex, the user environment and a complete Propeller Blade worked example

Model Build (1D/2D)

covering 1D/2D modeling strategy/element choices and properties, geometry/idealisation for 1D/2D modeling and a ‘Stiffened Plate’ worked example

Model Build (3D)

covering 3D modeling strategy/element choices for both ‘Tet’ and ‘Hex’ meshing, geometry/idealisation for solid modeling and a ‘Rotor Hub’ worked example

Model Attribution

covering model attribution, isotropic/2D orthotropic and composite materials, loads and boundary conditions and a ‘Loaded Plate’ worked example

Model Connections

covering glue, edge tie, connector and discrete tie/joints and a ‘Glue/Connector’ worked example

Assembly Modeling

covering part/assembly structure, manipulation, verification and a ‘Drone Assembly’ worked example


covering analysis readiness, simulation scenarios, analysis, post-processing and a ‘Drone Analysis’ worked example

External FEA Workflow

covering companion, external MSC Nastran and orphan mesh workflows and an ‘External MSC Nastran’ worked example

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  • Learn Linear FEA in the MSC Apex Environment
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  • Academic Version – Teaching Configured for MSC Apex Student Edition
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  • Get Access to All Eight Lessons
  • Learn Linear FEA in the MSC Apex Environment
  • 12 Hours On-Demand Video
  • Downloadable Tutorial Material
  • Academic Version – Teaching Configured for MSC Apex Student Edition
  • One-Year Access Per-Named User

Instructor Bio

This course is developed and delivered by Dr Steffan Evans, Director and Lead FEA Engineer of UK-based Evotech CAE Ltd, a Hexagon Business Partner.  Dr Evans has over 25 years’ experience of the practical usage of advanced FEA techniques in diverse industrial settings.

This has included the development and delivery of many training courses and programs covering FEA fundamentals, industry application of the technology, alongside direct teaching in how to get the most from your commercial FEA software.

His relaxed, yet engaging presentation style, specifically with the many MSC Apex-focused training courses, webinar series and product launches he has supported, have allowed him to develop global recognition as ‘The Apex Guy’.

General Course FAQs

Why should I take an Evotech course?

Put simply – hundreds of engineers have taken our courses, with excellent feedback!

We teach FEA in a clear, contemporary manner using MSC Apex, arguably the easiest to use, yet most powerful software in the market today.

This allows you to focus on the fundamentals of FEA and their application, rather getting bogged down with difficult software.

Should I take an FEA theory course first?

FEA theory can be very complex, and involve difficult maths and concepts, which can take many years to grasp.

However, through our courses, we provide enough theoretical background to give you a great foundation in the key principals of FEA, allowing you to become productive through real-world demos and tutorials.

Who is this course aimed at?

Our courses are aimed at both new users, who want to hit the ground running with MSC Apex, and experienced users who want to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of how to get the most from the software.

We have lower cost academic and fully-functioned professional versions of our courses to suit every level.

What teaching methods are used?

Our courses generally consist of 8 discrete lessons, with each lesson broken down into smaller, easily digestible topics.

Generally the free versions of our courses will give you access to the first lesson.

Teaching is delivered through a series of narrated videos, made up of a combination of explainer slides and on-screen demos, backed up with user tutorials.

How are the courses structured?

All courses are built using an enterprise-level Learning Management System, ensuring a great learning experience.

Any lesson or topic can be paused, skipped or reviewed at any time.

How long do I have access to a course?

The subscription/paid courses will give one year of access per named user.

What are the course pre-requisites?

For our ‘Intro to FEA…’ courses, a basic knowledge of strength of materials and CAD modeling is recommended.

For our more advanced courses (e.g. ‘Intro to Non-Linear FEA…’), if you don’t have experience with MSC Apex, we’d recommend that you take an ‘Intro to FEA…’ course first.

What software will I need access to?

You’ll be able to follow all of the online teaching material with no software.

However, you’ll get more from the tutorials, if you have access to MSC Apex, which is available as a time-limited free trial through Hexagon.

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