A recording of this webinar (originally presented on Thursday January 17th 2019) is available here.

CAE simulation offers massive product development power in the aerospace industry, but legacy methods can be incredibly laborious and require expertise to deliver results. Users are therefore constrained and suffer from low productivity as well as the potential for human error. MSC Apex is a powerful tool that allows engineers at all-levels to enhance their daily productivity, thus allowing companies to develop better products, faster.

Join us in this live webinar and experience how MSC Apex Iberian Lynx can boost your day-to-day productivity and push the frontier of your innovation. The webinar will focus on how Apex can be used in a Pre-/Post-Processing workflow for MSC Nastran, coupling design and analysis automation with orphan mesh manipulation within the aerospace industry.

MSC Apex now offers the new “Apex-Nastran-Apex” workflow and improved ‘Pre-/Post-‘ functionality for FEA. The Iberian Lynx release allows users to combine the generative modeling capacity of Apex with the analysis power of MSC Nastran, the most trusted multi-disciplinary FEA solver in the industry, to perform accurate analysis often with over a ‘10x’ productivity enhancement.

Join this webinar to learn more on …

  • New “Apex-Nastran-Apex” workflow
  • Enhanced model preparation and result exploration capabilities
  • Powerful automation scripting capabilities