An MSC Apex case study, based on the FEA model build, analysis and post-processing of a complex Jet Engine has been added to the site. This is made up of 5 tutorials, each 10-15 minutes long. While there are a number of simpler tutorials and presentations around the web, we felt that these often did not do Apex justice, in demonstrating its full power when dealing with a ‘real world’ complex problem.

The narrated tutorials are made up of the following;

  1. Geometry Import and Model Management, including the assembly and visualisation tree, sketching tools, material assignment and shell behaviour.
  2. Shell Model Development, including mid-surfacing, element quality and normal direction, automated property definition and ‘Analysis Readiness’.
  3. Solid Model Development, including defeaturing solid geometry, Hex and Tet meshing, generative feature-based mesh controls, and glue technology to connect parts.
  4. Hybrid Shell/Solid Model Development, including hybrid model efficiency, automated shell thickness generation for tapered parts, and glue technology with specific application to load transfer across shell/solid interfaces.
  5. Assembly and Analysis, including assembly connection methodology, load and boundary condition types, ‘Computational Parts’ and solver efficiency gains, and geometry and analysis model export to CAD and/or external FEA toolsets.

These tutorials give a demonstration of the underlying technology, and a more developed learning approach for both the new and experienced user alike.

The tutorials can be found here.