MSC Software Business Partner

Evotech CAE Ltd have partnered with MSC Software offering technical sales and support for the complete the MSC One licensing and MSC Apex CAE environment. As Business Partners, and expert users through our consulting work, Evotech are well placed to offer Apex and support to new users with a specific interest in next-generation CAE software. Evotech can offer assistance with implementation and transition to Apex, along with dedicated and bespoke training.

As the only MSC Software Business Partner in the UK, specifically focused on MSC Apex, Evotech are offering something truly ground-breaking; a highly-evolved CAE and simulation environment, with the support and back-up of MSC Software.

MSC Apex Overview

Take a look at this overview video, which demonstrates how MSC Apex can support your analysis. We cover typical workflows and key technologies, along with the licensing, pricing and training options that are available.

You can skip to the relevant sections – Typical Apex Workflows (01:05), Key Apex Technologies (06:20), Apex Licensing and Cost (10:01), Who’s Using Apex (10:55) and Apex Trial and Learning (12:12).

MSC Apex for Aerospace Structures

This video demonstrates how Apex is the best-in-class CAE tool for FEA model build, verification and embedded analysis, specifically for aerospace structures.

MSC Apex for Large Fabricated Structures

This video demonstrates how some of the new concepts and functionality within MSC Apex allows for the analysis of massive structures to generate results in a highly-efficient manner.

Product Overview

MSC Apex is a unique game-changing user experience, “easy-to-learn, easy-to-use”

• CAE-specific direct modelling and meshing, using highly-evolved Parasolid tools for geometry/mesh manipulation, property assignment and assembly management

• Integrated, incremental solver methods for solver-validated modelling and post-processing

• Based on computational parts & assembly technology

• Python-enabled to allow customisation and automation

User Experience

MSC Apex allows users to maximise direct model interaction with ‘at-mouse’ pop-ups and instructions

• Control operations and component visibility at cursor, as well as icon-based approach

• ‘Direct Modelling’ functionality to rapidly manipulate geometry and underlying mesh

• Multi-level ‘undo/redo’ capability

CAE-Specific Direct Modeling

MSC Apex includes CAE-Specific Direct Modelling, which is fully-integrated with meshing operations

• Tools such as ‘Push/Pull’ and ‘Vertex/Edge Drag’ can be used to quickly manipulate geometry, with quick and automatic mesh updates

• Can be used in an automatic or manual process flow

• Geometry/mesh relationship unique to MSC Apex, with powerful mid-surfacing and automatic property assignment from underlying CAD data

• Resultant geometry exported as Parasolid, along with underlying mesh

Solver Technology

MSC Apex contains a unique, patented technology ‘Computational Parts’ which introduces a new paradigm in complex assembly FE model management and analysis

• When a change is made to one of the parts, the solver architecture allows the user to incrementally regenerate and solve for only the modified portion of the assembly

• Leads to an incremental validation process, reducing risk and re-work at every analysis step

• Apex also offers direct support for the MSC Nastran workflow, including the Advanced Non-Linear (SOL400) solution.

MSC ONE Licensing

MSC Apex is offered via the MSC One token-based licensing system, allowing access to the bulk of the MSC Software simulation product portfolio

• The unit token cost of MSC Apex Modeller and Structures also enables direct usage of such MSC products as Patran, Nastran, Adams and Marc (all of which interface seamlessly with Apex output)

• Efficient and flexible purchasing options are available for all end-user types from large-scale global enterprises through to single-seat consulting firms with heavy constraints on expenditure