The Simulation Stack

“The Simulation Stack” is a video podcast where we engage with engineers from diverse industries, who share a common interest in simulation technology and CAE. Our discussions cover various topics, including the drivers behind simulation adoption, real-world successes (and challenges), and forecasts for the future of simulation.

The conversations are informal with a wide range of guests from budding engineers to seasoned professionals across organisations of all sizes. We’re aiming to capture personal perspectives, spanning consultancy firms and software providers to OEMs, to highlight how today’s simulation practices are shaping tomorrow’s products.

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Jonathan Jacqmot

Jonathan Jacqmot is an expert in acoustic simulation consulting, operating under his own firm, Quiet Consult, based in Belgium. With a career spanning two decades, Jonathan has established himself as a leading figure in the field of acoustic simulation.

Throughout his career, Jonathan has contributed to numerous flagship projects with Airbus, Audi, Porsche, and Ferrari. In our conversation, we delve into the various factors shaping acoustic design, the evolving landscape of automotive sound signatures, upcoming technologies, and delve into some intriguing consulting ventures Jonathan has been engaged in.

Vasiliki Tsianika

Vasiliki (Vicky) Tsianika serves as the MSC Nastran product manager within the Design and Engineering group at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. Additionally, she holds the role of adjunct professor at Oakland University, focusing on AI/machine learning.

Our conversation delved into her background, the current development of Nastran, and the integration of AI/machine learning into product development and asset management in aerospace, automotive, and related sectors. Vicky’s enthusiasm shines through, especially regarding early female STEM involvement and the progression of women engineers in the professional sphere.

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Keith Perrin

Keith Perrin, an esteemed customer champion and director at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, brings to the table extensive experience in mechanical engineering and simulation software development spanning over two decades.

Throughout his career, Keith has held various roles in both the UK and US with notable companies such as HMI, Autodesk, and Siemens. His expertise lies in simulation-based product development, where he has witnessed first-hand its profound impact on the customer base.

In our conversation, we delve into the fascinating projects Keith has spearheaded, the hurdles he’s encountered in product certification, and his insights on the future adoption of simulation technology.