“We worked with Evotech to help understand the fatigue performance of additively-manufactured bicycle frame parts.  The study that was carried out informed the subsequent design of the parts and their integration with the rest of the frame.

Dr Steffan Evans was a pleasure to work with and clearly explained each stage of the study so that we were able to make maximum use of it in conjunction with the in house testing done. The report that was generated was thorough and clear.

I would highly recommend Evotech and hope to work with them again on future projects.”

Tom Sturdy
Owner, Sturdy Cycles



“Evotech CAE have been fundamental in our recent development programs. With their input, we have been able to further optimise our products, remove weight from the structure, and still be able to show good against the regulatory requirement.

Dr Steffan Evans has proven to be very knowledgeable regarding all of the areas pertinent to our design, and has given us confidence in our product’s performance. We will certainly be using Evotech in the future.”

Chris Williams
Owner, Empire Cycles



“Metal 3D Printing has the potential to produce a paradigm shift in the way components are designed and manufactured. This requires a fundamental reconsideration of how parts are designed conventionally now that form can truly follow function while performance and light-weighting can be designed into a part as opposed to retroactively chopping out material.

The experience and skill of Steff Evans at Evotech CAE has rapidly accelerated the design and optimisation phase of our product development process as well as helping to prove its robustness. The combination of unrivalled commitment to getting the job done, with a will to being at the forefront of innovation means we are very much looking forward to working with Evotech CAE in the future to embrace new challenges and bring more ideas to life.”

Iain McEwen
Project Engineer, Mirada Pro


“We have collaborated with Evotech CAE Ltd in the development and prototyping of a unique lightweight component assembly. Their wealth of knowledge, specifically in the areas of advanced FEA, has allowed considerable gains to be made in structural design and optimisation. Consequently, we have been able to understand detailed product response, both during the manufacturing process and in-service performance, before any physical manufacturing has taken place. The marriage of AM with the high-level design analysis offered by Evotech allows for considerable development opportunities. We look forward to working with Evotech on a range of AM-focussed projects in the future.”.

Lucy Grainger
Product Marketing Engineer
Renishaw plc, Additive Manufacturing Products Division


“I worked closely with Steff Evans from Evotech to understand the behaviour of plate gussets on Starling Cycle Swoop Enduro Race bike.  The results showed the clear benefits of the gusset and informed my decision to implement on my frames.  I also published the data on my Facebook page which given confidence to my customers.

Steff is an extremely knowledgeable engineer and equally importantly a good communicator; allowing the right problem to be assessed in the right way in the most efficient manner.  I would thoroughly recommend work with Evotech and look forward to doing so again in the near future on some exciting projects for Starling Cycles”.

Joe McEwan
Owner, Starling Cycles


“BMX products design have been usually based on a long development cycle based on riders testing but with the help of Evotech CAE we went one step forward to improve product understanding in a far reduced time frame. Our SolidWorks data was translated into a detailed FEA model, with physical loading developed from our team riders.

This valuable information allow us to reinforce the products on the right places, choosing the right tubing sizes, save weight, etc. Definitely a step forward to keep improving our products.

David Quesada
Owner, Flybikes