The majority of Evotech’s focus is on the Aerospace supply-chain for a number of different clients and programmes, as shown below.

Clients include:

Commercial Aircraft (A320/A350/A380)
Airbus, Bombardier Aerospace, GKN Aerospace, Spirit Aerosystems

Military Aircraft (A400M/EH101/JSF)
Airbus, Agusta Westland, BAE Systems, Dunlop Aerospace (Ice Protection and Composites), Meggitt Thermal Systems

Service Providers
Assystem, Hyde Group Engineering Ltd, MSC Software


In addition, a growth area for Evotech has been in product development and certification for a number of sporting goods companies, mainly focused on bicycle and human powered vehicle development.

Clients include:

Recumbent Trike Development

Cult BMX
BMX Frame Development

Empire Cycles
Full Suspension Frame Development

Starling Cycles
Hardtail Frame Development


Evotech also collaborate with a number of design companies and manufacturers with structural analysis and optimisation for Additive Manufacture, focused on both product performance and the AM build process.

Clients include:

Alcoa Fastening Systems and Rings
Aerospace Component Optimisation

Mirada Pro
Various Lightweight Structural Applications

Various Lightweight Structural Applications