Design of aerospace vehicles has always been a challenging task due to the complexity of the structures and level of physics that needs to be involved. With recent technology advancements, engineers have been able to utilize CAE methods and reduce much of the product development cost. However, when dealing with complex aerospace structures that consist of multiple parts and assemblies it is not easy to reach the desired design and development goals in a timely manner. The latest release of MSC Apex, Harris Hawk, delivers efficient and dedicated solutions that allow users to rapidly build model connections and manage assemblies.

This webinar demonstrates the full process description that can be used for real working aerospace structures (i.e. a full wing). Topics presented can help you create interactions between parts with dissimilar meshes. From meshless techniques for gluing multiple parts to creating detailed fastener connectors, MSC Apex can be used to automate model preparation tasks, resulting in a significant reduction in model creation time.

Learn a number of model connection strategies within MSC Apex:  

  1. Glue Connectors – ultra-rapid ‘meshless’ connection between dissimilar meshes for global response and load path assessment
  2. Edge Tie Connectors – ‘node to node’ connections between individual parts within an assembly for local joint allowing component free-body loads to be extracted
  3. Fastener Connectors – detailed connector type to emulate the presence of a discrete fastener
  4. Automation through Python Scripting – demonstrating how scripting can be used to automate the fastener creation process for hundreds of fasteners

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