This case study highlights the complete FEA model build, analysis and post-processing steps using MSC Apex. The target geometry is a complete Jet Engine assembly, with sufficient complexity to highlight some of the powerful tools and techniques available in Apex.

The full build process is broken down into 5 narrated tutorials.

Tutorial 01: Geometry Import and Model Management

This tutorial is focused on geometry import and model management techniques, including the assembly and visualisation tree, sketching tools, material assignment and shell behaviour.

Tutorial 02: Shell Model Development

This tutorial is focused on surface geometry manipulation and shell meshing, including mid-surfacing, element quality and normal direction, automated property definition and Analysis Readiness.

Tutorial 03: Solid Model Development

This tutorial is focused on solid geometry manipulation and solid meshing, including defeaturing solid geometry, Hex and Tet meshing, generative feature-based mesh controls, and glue technology to connect parts.

Tutorial 04: Hybrid Shell/Solid Model Development

This tutorial is focused on hybrid shell/solid meshing techniques, including hybrid model efficiency, automated shell thickness generation for tapered parts, and glue technology with specific application to load transfer across shell/solid interfaces.

Tutorial 05: Assembly and Analysis

This tutorial is focused on model assembly and solution techniques, including assembly connection methodology, load and boundary condition types, computational parts and solver efficiency gains, and geometry and analysis model export to CAD and/or external FEA toolsets.